Zelda Balaclava Pre-Order

$65.00 $80.00

This is a PRE-ORDER. The masks will be produced in bulk and then individual sent out by hand, so please be patient. Only 100 will be made, ever.

You ever wanted to take Epona and gallop through the fields of Hyrule? Well, you probably can't because it doesn't exist, but you can REP the Zelda crew with Adult and Child Link all over your mug! This will keep your head warm and conceal that oh so handsome face of yours.

This is made of woven tapestry threads with custom hand-picked thread colors that result in this beautiful Balaclava "Ski-Mask". It is very similar to woven blankets. It's not too heavy and actually quite breathable for the material, this Mask is insanely High Quality grade and a total limited edition, too!

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